Colin Goh & Yen Yen Woo are a husband-and-wife creative team who’ve helmed a diverse slate of projects: from award-winning feature films and critically-acclaimed graphic novels to educational iPad apps, live performances, and even a yoga studio!

Some of Our Work Together

Dim Sum Warriors

Dim Sum Warriors is our graphic novel and bilingual iPad app series about kung fu-fighting dumplings that has been praised by Time magazine, the New York Times, Fast Company, the BBC and Publishers Weekly.

For better or for worse, this was probably the first project we did together, other than planning our wedding celebration. In 2000, we naively started a satirical website lampooning current affairs in our home country of Singapore, a country not particularly tolerant of criticism. It led to us being debated in parliament, and also us making our first movie, and alas, becoming the very first filmmakers to ever argue personally before the censors. The site’s been dormant for a while, but it still gets a crazy amount of traffic, and the movie’s still in print too! Go figure.

Singapore Dreaming

We wrote, directed and produced Singapore Dreaming (2006), a feature film which won several major awards, and has been screened at festivals worldwide, and also at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution. You can now catch it on iTunes and Amazon Prime too!

The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

The Coxford Singlish Dictionary was our attempt to collect as many terms in the vernacular English of our home country of Singapore, and present them in a celebratory way. A runaway bestseller that the Times of London has called “invaluable” and Time magazine has deemed a “must buy”, it has been continuously in print since 2001.


Yen wrote (and Colin illustrated) this commentary, which was published in Teachers College Record, one of the world’s top academic journals in the field of education.

TalkingCock in Parliament

TalkingCock in Parliament is a very ad-hoc spoken word series we’ve been organizing since 2006, featuring a mix of celebrities and regular people sharing their stories on topics that matter to Singaporeans. So far there’ve been 3 TCIP events: ‘We the Citizens’ (2006, sponsored by OogaChaga and People Like Us, featuring tales of not fitting into the model citizen mould), ‘Malu Lah Singapura’ (2012, featuring tales of humiliation) and ‘Your Grandfather’s Mother Tongue, Is It?” (2014, featuring stories about our mother tongue policy).

Paved With Good Intentions

We wrote this essay in 1999, just after we’d moved to New York. It was published in a book titled Singaporeans Exposed: Navigating the Ins and Outs of Globalisation, (2001, Landmark Books) and for some reason, it touched a nerve and went viral. We still receive emails about this essay, 15 years after we wrote it. You can read it here.

Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years

We often get asked to write commentaries on Singaporean issues, like our pieces in Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years (2010, NUS Press) and Renaissance Singapore? (below, 2007, NUS Press)



In 2013, we started a yoga studio in our hometown of Flushing, Queens, NYC

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